This is the first open segmented vessel made with a plate. It was done with the SegEasy prototype. The vessel is quite sturdy and has attend many demonstrations and symposiums. It has been knocked off of the table a couple of times.

To find out how quickly the vessel could be assembled, I pushed the limits considerably. The plate could be poped off after about five minutes but I would knock a segment loose occasionally. Ten to fifteen minutes or longer worked best. The entire vessel was stacked in just over a half day. I did not sand the layers but the joints were tight anyway. Most of the time you cannot get by with doing that. I was lucky the material was consistant in thickness. 


It was turned the next day. 

The SegEasy plate came into being as an alternative to the process of glueing up one segment at a time. I have a first class jig but did not want to spend the time required of that method. Of course there are some projects where that is the only way.  

I have done this hundreds of times since but I will remember this first time.

Open segmented layer number two.

Johnny Tolly put me on to the pipe cleaner method of cleaning up the glue along with several other things.

It is easy to gently pull the plate off.

Tightbond works well.

By this time it became a routine. There were no surprises. I was anxioous to turn it.

I did not have a boring bar at that time so the inside was done with hand tools. It took me longer than it took to glue it up. I was anxious for it to be over.


This finish has lasted for more than a decade.

I do not remember parting it off.