Hello Friends,


     I enjoy creating segmented art works that are a little different.  Often though, there were no jigs or methods available to accomplish what I needed to do.  That is when I developed the Seg-Easy Plates and the Wedgie Sled.


   The Wedgie Sled concept practically guarantees a sucessful segmenting experience for anyone. You can make the sled with scrap MDF and use an ordinary large 30 degree triangle to get started without buying a thing. We do offer over 82 Wedgie sizes that cover about everything else. We now have a 12 Wedgie and several others, as well as those that are compatible with Tom Lohman's indexing jig.


   The Segmentology videos detail a few of the things you can do with the concept, but only expose the tip of the iceberg. As time allows, I will share more of what you can do. The Zig-Zag vessel on this page is an example.


Happy turning,