The Zero Plate

The Zero Plate is a simple tool to make segmented vessels with solid segmented rings.


You do not need a drum sander or any special equipment to make great segmented vessels.



Download the Zero Plate tutorial for in depth instructions.

Mount the Zero Plate on MDF and a faceplate and then the tailstock.

Place segments in the grooves.

Add the other half of the segments on top of the ribs and add a rubber band.

Add glue to the protruding segments.

Set the glue.

After about 5 minutes, pull the plate off.

One at a time, remove a protruding segment and apply glue.

With considerable pressure, force segment into place.

Repeat the process, alternating segments across from one another.

Check fit as you go.

Looking good!

Sand with a flat sanding plate.

                      Repeat the process for each layer.


Download the PDF for more detailed instructions.

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